games for housewives

Games For Housewives

Playing games for housewives is an easy and cheap stress reliever. And of course also can be done anywhere. If there is a term “boy will be a boy”, then I think it does not matter if I use the term “girls will be girls”. At least for the topic that we will be discussing right now, the games to avoid being one of the desperate housewives. So, here’s my list of Free Games For A Housewife. Is your favorite game on this list?

This list is for Windows, but they are so popular that I won’t be surprised if they’re found in other platform’s store.

Cooking Mania

Talking about this one game alone makes me hungry. This game has a task that challenges the pace of cooking and organizes servings to satisfy customers. There is also the challenge of making burgers with a variety of different ingredients. If you are successful, you can become the new restaurant boss.

Get Cooking Mania here.


It’s a game that requires you to manage the farm so that its profits can be used to build your city. You can build cinemas and zoos among others. To fill this zoo, you need to hunt from around the world. But, do not be easily tempted, because this game requires real money to level up faster.

Get Township here.


No explanation needed.

Get Tetris here.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

This is the best game of 2014! Farming and taking care of the fields with friends, or being alone anonymously. This game is free and can be played offline.

Get it here.

Candy Crush Saga

The task of the game is simple. Move the candy to fit to trigger something and finally to level up. But playing it is not that simple. It takes perseverance and strategy to avoid getting stuck in the wrong piles of candy combination.

Get Candy Crush Saga here.

Marble Zumas 2

This ball matching game also has a task that is easier said than achieved. The goal is simple, just match at least three balls to shorten the line of balls that rolled to the cave.

Get Marble Zumas 2 here.


That’s the list of the free games for housewives you can easily find and download. They’re all non-time consuming, pause-able, allow us to interact with other people (you know how important this is for a stay at home wife), and they are all virtually have endless playtime.

Paladins and Overwatch

Paladins and Overwatch: Hi-Rez Studios’ President Stew Chisam has hit back at blame that Paladins: Champions of the Realm, Hi-Rez’s online team-based game, imitated Overwatch, Blizzard’s online team-based game, with some playful shade.

On Twitter, Chisam drew relations between the look and skills of Overwatch’s latest hero Brigitte Lindholm, and those of Paladins’ Ash.

Chisam posted a picture of the heroes side by side on Twitter and wrote: “Quick poll,” Chisam tweeted. “If I happened to notice and point out any similarities between these two characters, would that make me the Pot calling the Kettle black, or the Kettle calling the Pot black? This will keep me up tonight unless I get a clear answer.”

Underneath, he included a side-by-side comparison of the two heroes, and uh, a photo of a pot and a kettle.

But you could argue Brigitte is as much inspired by the knightly Reinhardt, who she has kept equipped and patched up for so long, or by the Crusader class from Diablo 3, which uses a shield like hers and a flail-on-chain.~

Hi-Rez President Stew Chisam has taken aim at Blizzard’s Overwatch over what he perceives as a similarity between a character in Paladins and the newest OW hero, Brigitte Lindholm. Chisam sent out a tweet with an image associating Brigitte and the Paladins character, Ash. “If I happened to notice and point out any similarities between these two characters, would that make me the Pot calling the Kettle black or the Kettle calling the Pot black? This will keep me up tonight.”

This is the latest series of “shade posts” by Hi-Rez with specific regard to Overwatch. In September of 2016, Hi-Rez’s Todd Harris took to the Net to defend charges that Paladins had undergone a dramatic change after the launch of Overwatch to make it seem more like a clone.


The Full Version of Yakuza 6 The Song of Life Leaked

The full version of Yakuza 6 The Song of Life Leaked yesterday, due to some people able to unlock the trial and play it as the full version. Sega soon retracted the game from the market and made a statement on its Twitter. We can see in the video that it has so many mini-games, including Space Harrier.

 Yakuza 6 The Song of Life

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite just got a bit more enticing in its update: the game is now listed as an Xbox Play Anywhere game, implying you can buy it on either Xbox One or PC and receive the other platform’s version for free as well.

If you like comics but you’re sucks at fighting games, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is probably the best fighting game for you.

Windows Central were the ones who grabbed this, and it looks to be just a quick change to the game, as well as a price drop, according to Shoryuken.

The Play Anywhere scheme has been slowly growing, directed at bridging the hole between PC gaming and those on Xbox One. Given this means Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite should be using the Universal Windows Platform, it should also be a little more stable if it wasn’t already running well for you. ~

Xbox Play Anywhere titles allow players who buy a game on their Xbox console to play them on their Windows 10 PC (or vice versa), with shared save files and progress across platforms. ~

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite hasn’t managed to keep its player-base strong since its release, with its viability for competitive play in question. The game was left out of this summer’s EVO 2018 fighting tournament, which instead features Dragon Ball FighterZBlazBlue: Cross Tag BattleInjustice 2, and both the GameCube and Wii U iterations of Super Smash Bros. ~

Reasons 90s Kids Back To Gaming

Reasons 90s Kids Back To Gaming

There are several reasons 90s kids back to gaming. I’m referring to 90s generation kids who had stopped playing games and just started to play again recently.

These Are Some of The Reasons 90s Kids Back To Gaming:

The Liberty of Being An Adult

This happens because we know that children in the 90s have grown older now, not necessarily mature as well. The 90s kids who had been restricted by their parents to play, now have a better chance of back to gaming. People who can ban them are just their bosses and the thirsty for attention spouses. That’s the first of the reasons 90s kids back to gaming.

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Financially Better

This is quite possible, considering the average 90s child is now more established or at least able to earn his own income. With the occurrence of this, then the dream that was not achieved as a child can be realized. But, of course, the dream when the child is outdated. Call it the first PlayStation, although the original is outdated, now the version that uses SSD as a replacement optical drive can be purchased with a cheap price.

Solution: Buy Used PlayStation or turn your Mac into a gaming platform.

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Adequate Age

I remember when I was teased by my friends because I refused to play a game that did not match my age. Maybe they think it’s funny, and the age limit is just the numbers on the cartridge box. After that, I apologized to them, for beating them to tears in return for their insult to me.

Now what prohibits 90s kids to play adult games are just superiors and when their kids around. Hmm, now I’m wondering if my dad played the game he forbid me not to play?

Suggestion: No, I will not put any suggestion here, you dirty old bastard!

Better Time Management

Of course, at this age, we should be able to manage our own time. That’s why we are no longer alerted by our parents when it’s time to sleep and when to study. This is fun, is not it? Unfortunately, having your own time also means taking responsibility for what you do with your time.

My suggestion: Choose a game that is not time-consuming.

Just Can’t Move On

Other reasons for 90s kids back to gaming is due to nostalgic and sentimental reasons. To be honest, today’s game graphics are much better than the game graphics we once played. However, his experience of first love experience, of course, it can not be forgotten (although the hairstyle was disgusting). For the sake of the storyline? Certainly, there are a lot of great story writers for the game today. Just take a peek at Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. 90s kids surprised easily by the technology in their younger age and became more enthusiastic.

Solution: Online Games.

Reasons 90s kids back to gaming

Reasons 90s Kids Back To Gaming

Your Favorite Games Are Now Free

Many of your favorite games were available in the paid version. Now they turn into free games or be a pay-for-win (which is very lame). Especially now there is CrossOver that allows us to play Windows games on Linux or Mac us without having to install anything other than CrossOver and the game itself of course.

Suggestion? Get CrossOver!



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Gaming Makes Money Now

Now is the time we can easily monetize our hobby. The hobby that our parents once thought would only result if we were a superstar. For example, hobby music and play games.

If before gamers can make money just by being a character jockey or sell items in the game. Gamers will play a character up to a certain level and this character will be bought with real money by the buyer.

Now gamers can earn money by making their videos playing games. Imagine that. Creating the video is easy, getting viewers and subscribers on YouTube is a true achievement.

And believe it or not, I’ve seen a gamer who is also a YouTuber makes a drama of his gameplaying. Dafuq?

Games Are Easier Now

If you previously did not play the game because you always ranked in the bottom of a game, which caused you to frustrate. That’s not an issue now because games now tend to be easier to play. All you have to do is tap, tap, and tap. And if you still lose, you can always buy the booster packs.

With so many gaming platforms, more and more game developers participate in the race to create as many games as possible. No wonder if one type of game can have dozens of “twins”. So, you just have to master one game, then you will be able to play other similar games. Of course, this does not apply to high-quality games.

Just name how many color-matching games out there. This makes me afraid to approach two people wearing the same colored shirt as the one I’m wearing. Poof!

These are the classic games “twins” you can play for free:

That list concludes our topic about reasons 90s kids back to gaming. Do you have something to add based on your own experience?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

I wrote about how to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang On Your Mac without using any emulator here. However, some people prefer to stay on their desktop so they can easily switch between their works and game windows. That’s very understandable since most of the people need to work to eat and then play to ease the stress. While the others do the opposite, play to eat and work to ease the stress. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the best game in 2017, and it’s not too late to play it now since its game community is still alive and sounds.

Click here to play Mobile Legends on your Mac using Bluestack.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang